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BMW pivoting to hydrogen fuel cell cars 

BMW pivoting to hydrogen fuel cell cars 

Ronald Rey M. de los Reyes


BMW, in a significant shift in the automotive world, is reportedly pivoting its focus on hydrogen fuel cell technology, instead of the usual mainstream electric vehicle development. 

For BMW, the hydrogen fuel cell technology allows vehicles to emit water vapor only, greatly improving its impact on the environment. 

EVs may have zero-emissions. But their charging can put a strain on the grid and distribution transformers, which, basing it on a large scale of EV use and demand, in turn, produces a negative effect.

As an example of this new direction, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen is targeted to be released this year. 

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Furthermore, reports say that BMW may actually phase out electric vehicles to make way for hydrogen-powered cars. 

For them, it’s a more feasible option for sustainable mobility since hydrogen-powered vehicles can be quickly refueled and can travel farther compared to EVs.