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How to have a smooth and prosperous ride in the Year of the Wood Dragon

How to have a smooth and prosperous ride in the Year of the Wood Dragon

Jason K. Ang
If you want to celebrate Chinese New Year with the ultimate in motoring, Rolls-Royce has a car for you—or four. To welcome the Year of the Dragon, the storied British carmaker recently presented four vehicles from its Bespoke division: Three Phantom Extended sedans and one Cullinan SUV, all ‘dragonized’.
The Year of the Dragon is embodied in a dragon motif in the Phoenix Red paintwork, either as the dominant exterior color, or a subtle highlight. The interior likewise features touches of the dragon, the only mythical animal in the Chinese zodiac. Three of the cars feature the Chinese zodiac calendar rendered in stainless steel, inlaid in the piano black picnic tables. Taking center position in each car interior is the hand-painted dashboard fascia. An intricately designed dragon was painted and delicately coated with lacquer, resulting in a 3D-like piece of art. Rolls-Royce says that while the Bespoke creations are a celebration of Chinese culture, the cars are destined for customers around the world.
“Year of the Dragon” Cullinan
For us mere mortals who don’t have enough yuan to plunk down on a bespoke Roller, we can still enjoy safe and prosperous journeys by taking note of some practical advice for the new year. We chatted with our friend and Feng Shui consultant Richard Yu and here are some of his thoughts on the Year of the Wood Dragon:
“A happy, healthy and wealthy life is what most of us are expecting (and hoping for) to have this Wood Dragon year. It is actually within the realm of possibility. However, certain changes must be made, or else one will have a bumpy ride due to the countless karmic speed bumps.
“From February 4 to August 7, especially those of the Dragon, Ox, Rabbit, and Dog animal signs should take serious precaution either when driving or when commuting. The period mentioned is when health can seriously be affected – and one should be circumspect in actions involving quick decision making and reaction timing. The mentioned animal signs are strongly advised to avoid salty food during Mondays and Saturdays for the whole year. In this way your adventures for the year can be of the pleasant ones.”
The Dragon sign is auspicious for travel and exploration, including motoring. Mr. Yu continues: “Speaking of adventures, this year is perfect for those who want to go exploring. Being in a new and different place can greatly help not just in healing oneself but even coming up with revolutionary concepts. Thus, going on nature trips when one is stumped or maxed out is a great idea. Be warned though that one should limit any red meat and alcohol intake during Tuesdays and Thursdays, especially for the Pig, Snake, Rat and Rooster. In this way, your momentum towards worry-free success is kept. On the lighter side, being sedentary is strongly discouraged this year. Go and be an explorer or adventurer. But do please take a pause and temper your plans with logic and practicality.”
When choosing a color for your new vehicle, it’s time to be more colorful, beyond the usual and boring silver, gray or black. Mr. Yu says: “Bright green, yellow, orange, and bright red colors are ideal for your vehicle when needing to imbibe good strong energy in Mother Nature’s embrace. When going back to serious day-to-day work, incorporate the colors white and gold in your outfit more so if you are of the Dragon and Dog animal signs. Other animal signs can continue to benefit protection and luck from the colors yellow, blue and brown.”
Mr. Yu is also advising all motorists to be courteous, disciplined and forgiving on the road. The dragon should not rear its furious head on the road. Said Mr. Yu: “In closing, this Wood Dragon year will be less turbulent as vindictiveness and self-centeredness are tempered. Do keep in mind to offend as few people as you possibly could and be amenable to taking the middle road. Compromises can actually benefit you more in the end – may it be in driving or finalizing what to decide on to drive. Happy and safe motoring!”