He Said, She Said: The Indian Scout Rogue and Bobber

Conch Tiglao
Will an adventure rider and a PR professional enjoy Indian’s classic cruisers? Let’s find out on our first edition of He Said, She Said.

Photos by Mark McCullie, Luckie Masbad and Myra Zamora



Meet Mark McCullie, a tall, adventure bike enthusiast-slash-sound engineer (who bears a striking resemblance to Pedro Pascal). Then there’s his partner, Luckie Masbad–a 5’1” ball of energy who isn’t scared to try motorcycles twice her size. While Luckie has had her eye (and heart!) on the Indian Scout for some time now, Mark’s outdoorsy, rugged personality isn’t quite the match for the classic cruiser (though he does have the facial hair for it.)

At the invitation of Access Plus Pampanga Branch Manager Rally Zamora, we take Mark and Luckie to Clark to see whether the Indian Scout’s Rogue and Bobber variants would convince Mark to trade in his trail boots for a leather vest, and Luckie to upgrade her Rebel CMX500. 

Love at First Ride?

For Mark, the initial encounter with both the Indian Scout Rogue and Bobber didn’t quite ignite an immediate spark. As an adventure rider, his sentiments were neutral. In stark contrast, Luckie’s (and our!) response to the bikes was a blend of excitement and admiration. She couldn’t help but find the Indian Scout Rogue’s design undeniably guapo.

He Said: I didn’t have strong feelings for the bikes. I don’t care much for cruisers at first, to be honest.

She Said: I was excited since (the Indian Scout Bobber) is my dream motorcycle. It was like finally meeting your celebrity crush and getting to hang out with them, and you build this fantasy in your head that you’re going to live happily ever after while knowing that it’s not going to happen in real life… 

While it wasn’t love at first sight for Mark, the Rogue won him over with its handling. On the ride from Access Plus to New Clark City, we passed through long straight stretches of road, narrow, gentle twisties and a bit of heavy city traffic–perfect for putting both bikes to the test. Although both Mark and Luckie had to adjust their riding style because of the bikes’ forward controls, the changes in foot position were easy enough to make. 

He Said: I love the handling of the Rogue. The taller and skinnier tires (19” versus the Bobbers’ 16” front wheel) make it a lot more flickable. It changes direction really easily. It’s perfect for cruising. It loves to just pull on low speeds and has enough power. That said, I wasn’t as comfortable on the Bobber; the seats and suspension weren’t nice for me. There was one pothole where I felt everything.  It also has a more aggressive stance, which wasn’t my preference.

She Said: I’ve always been a fan of Bobbers. I’ve always felt that they match my personality very well.  I could see myself owning the Rogue! I was surprised by how easy and light it is, considering its displacement. I half-expected it to be heavy in terms of maneuvering given its tank size.

Luckie’s dream bike: the Indian Scout Bobber

Easy Rider

When Polaris Industries (USA’s first snowmobile manufacturer) bought the Indian marquee (USA’s first motorcycle manufacturer) back in 2011, it retained the brand’s iconic art deco-styling, but injected its innovative tech into the mix. Both the Indian Scout Bobber and Rogue boast liquid-cooled, 1,133cc V-twin engines that produce about 100hp, and weigh in at 533.5 pounds. With a seat height of only 649mm, the Indian Scout is very forgiving–for those vertically challenged and for those just starting their motorcycle journey. The only marked differences are the colorways available for the bikes, their front tires and their handlebars (the Rogue has mini apes, while the Bobber sports lower, street-tracker handlebars).

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He Said: I immediately felt in control of both the Bobber and the Rogue, even though they’re so big with the engine size, it’s all down low; it wasn’t at all intimidating. I didn’t have to wrestle with it, unlike my other bikes. (Mark rides a KTM 1190 Adventure, a giant of a bike!) These bikes aren’t built for high-speed or top-end power, so I wasn’t expecting it to have that. They have more than enough power to get you to overtake, so they did that really well. Their low-end power and acceleration is good, though we didn’t get to ride them at expressway speeds. They definitely feel like they’d be more comfortable at cruising speeds in the city than on highways.

She Said: Because the Bobbers’ handlebars are low, I loved that the turning radius was wide. I think I can also chalk it up to the motorcycle’s center of gravity being pretty low that there’s less chances of you losing your balance during tight, slow turns. With the Rogue’s handlebars so high up, I expected it to have a lot of vibrations that my hands would tingle… So, I wasn’t expecting it to be so stable, but it was. It’s the perfect cruiser bike for me. The shifting is a little bit clunkier on the Rogue than the Bobber but it’s the type of motorcycle that you know can go fast if you want it to. What I liked more is that the Rogue isn’t top-heavy. I’ve ridden low-seat-height motorcycles that were challenging due to the weight of the engine being higher, which would be a tad bit difficult to control, especially if you’re 5 ‘1 and barely past 100lbs.

An adventure bike rider, Mark prefers the handling and comfort of the Rogue

Final Thoughts

The Indian Scout Rogue and Indian Scout Bobber, though built on the same platform, cater to different preferences and riding styles. Mark’s reservations about the Bobber’s suspension and loud pipes reflect a desire for a more refined riding experience, while Luckie appreciates the Rogue’s aesthetics and forgiving nature.

He Said: This particular Bobber was way too loud. But, then again, these are after-market pipes. For this particular Bobber, these pipes won’t be my preference at all. I would also probably change the seats and suspension for long rides.

She Said: Luckie: The Bobber isn’t very short-person-friendly even though the seat height is low. Wearing thick motorcycle jeans is a must if you have short legs like me. My thighs were burning from the heat of the exhaust and engine. Also, all this time, I thought I was in love with the Bobber, but you can’t deny how handsome anyone would look on the Indian Scout Rogue. I honestly believe the Rogue can make anyone look badass without overdoing it. There’s a certain charm the Indian has that just gives you this je ne sais quoi.