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MG Philippines goes all-out at MIAS 2024, previews IM LS7 luxury EV

MG Philippines goes all-out at MIAS 2024, previews IM LS7 luxury EV

By VJ Bacungan
Since parent company SAIC Motor took over its operations last year, MG Philippines has been going full-speed ahead with expanding its vehicle lineup.
That’s why the Chinese carmaker had an enormous display at the 2024 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) to showcase 12 cars, including four electric vehicles (EV).
“With the biggest and most diverse roster of cars suited for every kind of Filipino motorist, MG is ready to be the Philippines’ top choice for mobility,” said MG Philippines president Felix Jiang.
Electrifying lineup
Kicking off the brand’s battery-electric lineup is the MG ZS EV, which is a fully electric version of the MG Philippines’ best-seller, the ZS crossover.
The ZS EV retains the regular model’s practical styling, but underneath lies a 51-kWh battery pack and electric motor that produce 171 horsepower. MG Philippines claims a maximum range of around 320 kilometers of range on a full charge.
Meanwhile, the MG4 EV XPOWER is a sporty, high-performance, all-wheel-drive hatchback. Its 64-kWh battery and 429-horsepower electric motor mean this little EV can do 0 to 100 km/h in a sports-car-beating 3.8 seconds, all while producing zero tailpipe emissions.
There’s also the MIFA 9 large electric minivan with a 90-kWh battery. MG Philippines said this seven-seater luxury van offers palatial amounts of room and cutting-edge features, such as a touch-enabled infotainment system.
And finally, there’s the Cyberster two-seater – this carries on MG’s fine tradition of producing sensational sports cars, which dates back to the days of the MGB. This two-seater packs a 77-kWh battery and two electric motors that put the power down through all four wheels. The stunning exterior, which includes gullwing-style doors, is complemented by a futuristic interior that includes a wraparound, triple-screen display and zero gravity seats.
After initially teasing the arrival of the sports car in the Philippines with the local leg of the “Cyberster World Tour” featuring British adventurers the “Turner Twins,” MG Philippines announced that it is now available to Filipino motorists for pre-orders.
Value-packed ICE models
Even with its hard push into the EV market, MG Philippines continues to offer a wide range of internal-combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.
The company chose MIAS 2024 to preview several of its upcoming ICE models. First off is the MG3 subcompact hatchback, which will be the brand’s first hybrid-electric vehicle in the Philippines.
This has a 1.5-liter, twin-cam, 16-valve inline-4 gasoline engine mated to a 1.83-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor. Combined output is a whopping 192 horsepower, which is coursed through a specialized 3-speed automatic gearbox.
Also on display at MIAS 2024 was the MG7 sports sedan, which comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter, twin-cam, 16-valve inline 4 gasoline engine that pumps out 257 horsepower and 405 Newton-meters of torque. There’s also the RX9 crossover that uses the same 2.0-liter turbo engine that produces 234 horsepower and is equipped with a 9-speed automatic gearbox.
And finally, there’s the MG G50 that offers seating for up to eight passengers. This multi-purpose vehicle has state-of-the-art features like a 12-inch infotainment system, automatic climate control and wireless charging.
The G50 is powered by a turbocharged 1.5-liter, twin-cam, 16-valve inline 4 gasoline engine that produces 167 horsepower and 250 Newton-meters of torque. These are coursed through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.
Also exhibited at MIAS 2024 were the recently launched MG ONE crossover, the MG ZS crossover and the MG5 sedan.
Luxury EV with A.I. tech
MG Philippines, likewise chose the MIAS 2024 to preview the IM LS7, which is a luxury EV crossover that is set to officially launch by the end of 2024.
“The LS7 will enter the Philippine market very soon and set a new benchmark in the segment, and we’re excited that we can talk about the manifestation of our ambition to embrace the new track of intelligent electrification,” Jiang said.
Headline features of the LS7 include the Starfall front windshield that gives a 106-degree vertical view and IMAX-level visibility while driving. Meanwhile, the electrically-operated, frameless doors create a seamless look and feel, while the double-layer laminated glass windows greatly insulate the inside from external noise.
Inside, the LS7 has an adjustable 42-inch, triple-screen display, a set of Zero Gravity Seats that also offer a relaxing 16-point massage function and ventilation capabilities. The EV’s infotainment also comes with 24 speakers, including headrest and sky speakers, for a truly immersive, three-dimensional sound experience.
In addition, the climate-control system includes the first-ever pre-site deodorization and formaldehyde removal function. The system can preserve the LS7’s interior air quality for more than 180 days.
The LS7 also comes standard with the Evolvable Intelligent Driving Assistance System, which includes 11 high-definition cameras, three millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, two semi-solid, vehicle-grade, high beam LiDARs and an NVIDIA Orin X chip.
All these are operated by the one-touch iAD system, which helps drivers solve and navigate common urban road scenarios like tight maneuvers and tricky parking spots. Adding to the LS7’s safety credentials is the use of high-proportional, submarine-grade steel and a hard-top cage structure.
Artificial intelligence also helps out LS7 drivers – its novel Rainy Night Mode continuously presents a real-time image of the A-pillar and rear-side blind zones on both sides of its triple display. The system instantly identifies and highlights elements in traffic, such as pedestrians, bicycles and other vehicles.
MG Philippines said it is accepting pre-orders for the IM LS7 at MIAS 2024, which runs from April 4 to 7 at the World Trade Center and the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.