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FOTON unleashes Tunland V7 and V9 diesel-hybrid pickup trucks at MIAS


Tunland V7

Talk about massive and muscular full-size pickup trucks–yet equipped with incredibly fuel-efficient powertrains. Yes, the newly-launched FOTON Tunland V7 and V9 diesel-hybrid pickups at the 2024 Manila International Auto Show may be American-inspired. But unlike their Western counterparts, these Oriental behemoths are not gas-guzzlers. In fact, they may even be the most fuel-efficient pickups to roll out in the market today.

This newest FOTON Tunland lineup debuted in Beijing, China last year and boasts an array of technical achievements. For one, it is FOTON’s first-ever product to feature a hybrid power system, as it packs a power peak torque of up to 450 N-m, yet achieves a 10-percent reduction in fuel consumption through auto start-stop, energy recovery systems, and an ultra-high-pressure combustion system, with a maximum thermal efficiency of 50 percent. Moreover, as per research, the FOTON’s DHT Hybrid Power System, electric and extended-range electric systems, with a maximum battery capacity of 100KWh can achieve a total driving range of up to 900 km. Also, it sports a front double-wishbone and rear multi-link suspension structure that meets the demands of strong off-road capabilities and high load-bearing capacity while keeping a comfortable drive.

For our own local market, we have the mild-hybrid versions. Both the Tunland V7 and V9 pack a 2.0-liter Aucan turbo-diesel engine, mated to a 48V mild-hybrid system that churns out 162 hp and a hefty 450 N-m of torque.

Both variants measure 5,541mm long, 2,030-mm wide and 1,905-mm tall. The two also feature a 3,355-mm wheelbase, a ground clearance of 240mm and a curb weight of 2,200kg.

Like the full-size pickups we have come to know before, they also feature large bold grilles, LED headlamps, robust profiles, but with the pricier V9 seeming to pack more heft and muscle. Panache is then capped by 18-ich alloys.

Despite their rugged and macho appeal outside, inside, their cabins’ more premium interiors welcome occupants. The top-tier, for an example, dons a rather light orange motif that gives it a balance of feel of toughness and stylish flair.

Technology-wise, the pickup features a 14.6-inch intelligent display, intelligent voice interaction system, and ambient light intelligent linkage. Both are equipped with top-notch safety features, as well.

Prices for these pickups are as follows: Tunland V7 4×2 AT – P1.758M; Tunland V7 4×4 AT P1.888M; Tunland V9 4×2 AT – P 1.788M and Tunland V9 4×4 AT P 1.998M.

Foton at MIAS

At the MIAS display situated at the SMX Convention Center inside the SM Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City, other vehicles of the brand are, likewise, being exhibited.

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“This year, we are raising the bar; we are exceeding expectations to deliver the innovation that will inspire advancements in national mobility,” FOTON Philippines general manager Levy Santos said.

“We are sure to be formidable enough to meet and exceed all mobility requirements and challenges with FOTON’s proven power, performance, durability, reliability, and renowned after-sales service. “he added.

The brand is also holding test drive activities for the public at both venues, SMX Convention Center and a special UAAGI Performance Center at World Trade Center.