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Premium ACDelco brake pads unveiled

Premium ACDelco brake pads unveiled


ACDelco Philippines recently launched its latest range of brake pads, marking a significant feat in automotive safety and performance. Tailored to meet the diverse demands of local vehicle owners, the new ACDelco ceramic technology brake pads are engineered for superior braking reliability and durability across various driving conditions, especially on the unique challenges of Philippine roads and traffic conditions. The brake lining is specially designed to lessen the production of brake dust and has features such as rubber-coated shims that absorb vibration that causes unwanted brake noises. This ensures a comfortable and premium feel. 

Understanding the vital role of brake pads in vehicle safety, ACDelco Brake Pads are designed for seamless integration with a wide array of automotive brands’ safety systems, ensuring peak performance even in extreme tropical climates. Available as original equipment (OE) and in the aftermarket, these brake pads guarantee that vehicles maintain their factory standards of safety, performance, and comfort, offering vehicle owners unparalleled peace of mind.

These pads are the go-to choice for drivers seeking unmatched safety and performance. Suitable for an extensive range of automotive brands and models, these premium brake pads deliver exceptional braking performance and durability at  very affordable prices. Featuring zinc-coated plates, they are crafted to resist corrosive conditions, promising enduring protection and reliability.

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