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Having completed his successful three-year term as MMPC president, Hara hands over key to successor



The period during the pandemic a few years ago has been one of the toughest times the world has ever known.

Yet, in such dire situations, a few men were able to muster the courage and dared to face the odds head-on. Outgoing Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation president, Takeshi Hara, was one of the few who stepped up to the plate.

“In 2021, I was a man on a mission,” he said during his farewell speech in a recent ceremony commemorating the company’s leadership transition held at the Shangri-La the Fort in BGC, Taguig City.

Hara, who served as the company’s leader for the past three years, expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders for their unwavering support and dedication during his tenure.

Also known as the “pandemic president,” Hara acknowledged everyone who stood by him during those tumultuous times.

“Through it all, our slogan: ‘Life Made Better’ was our driving force and served as a powerful reminder that many lives depended on us,” he continued.

Despite the difficult road ahead, he ensured that MMPC continued its legacy of sustainability, significantly contributed to society and delivered topnotch vehicles and services.

Furthermore, he also stressed the importance of upholding Mitsubishi’s principles of corporate responsibility, integrity and global understanding.

Eventually, as a result, the company was able to turn the tables around. Together with his team, he achieved a number of milestones, notably during the fiscal year of 2023, the company sold an all-time record of 81,473 units from April 2023 to March 2024, securing 18.5 percent market share in the industry.

MMPC was also able to provide exports to Indonesia and attained other significant sales and production milestones under Hara’s reign.

Now, during the turnover ceremony, he said, “I’ve fulfilled my mission. I owe my success to your invaluable assistance and contributions.”

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Outgoing MMPC President, Hara

Incoming President Ritsu Imaeda, meanwhile, for his part shared, “I have many things to learn about the market. But I am confident in our products and services.”

“I will definitely do my best.”

Imaeda brings with him his vast experience of handling the overseas market including assignments in several areas across different regions such as Europe, Russia and Puerto Rico. Prior to his new assignment here, he was tasked to head Mitsubishi Motors Sales Caribbean Inc. in Puerto Rico.

He furthered his vision for MMPC’s future, highlighting the country as one of the most important markets for Mitsubishi Motors. He also expressed optimism about the country’s growth potential and the company’s prospects in the region.

Imaeda also commended the local market’s warm hospitality and the eager reception of Mitsubishi’s products and services, mentioning his enthusiasm for the upcoming new vehicles in the pipeline, such as the all-new Mitsubishi Xforce set to be launched in June this year.

Thus, in conclusion, Hara said: “As I hand over the keys to my successor, I am now excited to witness the continued success of MMPC.”