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Auto Files: A Toyota incentive trip for the books

Auto Files: A Toyota incentive trip for the books


The recent incentive trip of market leader Toyota was something for the books. 

If it is true that more than 700 executives and employees of various Toyota dealerships in the country were flown to Japan by Toyota Motor Philippines to enjoy their incentive trips for hitting their targets the previous year, then it should be the biggest group ever brought by a sponsoring company abroad. 

TMP sold more than 200,000 vehicles in 2023 and have reached its Triple Crown for the nth time. What better way to celebrate than have all your top-achieving salespersons from all of your dealerships throughout the country; and splurge, or rather spoil them with all the luxuries they so deserve. 

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It has also been said that the reason why all of them were there altogether is because of the upcoming sales rally they are preparing for the upcoming all-new Toyota Tamaraw, which is set to debut later this year, and the main focus of Toyota’s participation in the Philippine International Motor Show.