Motor Image Pilipinas country head steps down–anew


There have been lots of comings and goings in the top management of Motor Image Pilipinas, exclusive local distributor of Subaru vehicles, ever since Gerry Hernandez (the company’s longest-serving country manager) left a couple of years ago.

In fact, it was probably just in the latter part of 2023 when Margo Delfinado (who then took over Hernandez’s position), along with almost all members of her management team, stepped down from their respective posts.

She was then replaced by then e-Sakay Chief Operating Officer, Karl Magsuci soon after she vacated her seat.

Now, with just less than a year into his term, it seems that history will again repeat itself as Magsuci is likewise leaving that same post.

Reasons for his sudden resignation from the company have yet to be verified, however.

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It is confirmed, meanwhile, that Karl Bobis-Castillo, a PR and marketing expert with almost two decades of experience in the motoring industry (who was also one of the few, if not the only one left from Delfinado’s original management team) will fill in his position.

Official announcement of this sudden movement will be on May 22nd.