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Lexus collaborates for a nice afternoon



Lexus has put together quite a nice collaboration with Key Coffee Kissaten. They are side-by- side at Misukoshi in Bonifacio Global City, and right beside the Grand Hyatt. So, it seems to be a match that was just waiting to happen.

The collaboration will go live to the public from July 6. It will include a special menu carefully curated by both the luxury carmaker and the popular coffee shop for a particularly relaxed experience. Seating will be in the Lexus space, if so desired.

The menu isn’t what many might expect from a luxury carmaker collaboration, but more of what Lexus is really about. Carefully chosen materials are carefully prepared, but more welcoming and comfortable than avante-garde or trendy.

Starters or light bites

could be chosen from a Seafood Chowder or a Wafu Salad. Going heavier would be items like a surprisingly balanced Garlic Bacon Pizza or a nicely crunchy Pork Katsu Sando. All the items are somewhat meant to bring to mind the different values that guide Lexus in crafting and creating the cars and experiences for which they are known. The pizza, for example, is meant to bring forth the spirit of omotenashi, which somewhat translates to anticipating people’s needs or treating your guests like your family and making them feel at home and special. Pretty spot-on for having a pizza on the menu. And the Pork Katsu Sando was fun and indeed, as they said, fit well under “exhilarating.”

See Also

A Subarashi Wagyu Burger was excellent, and fell well under “Experience Amazing” and Wagyu made an appearance yet again in a Ragu Pasta under “Takumi Craftsmanship.” And the Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies were quite imaginative.

Completely spot on under “Electric” was the Sakura Fizz, which in terms of color was warm and relaxing, but yes iced for the weather. And definitely with a snap to it.

The naming of all the items was really more playful than anything else, yet surprisingly appropriate. What you come up with is the feeling of being in a really welcoming cafe with a well-chosen menu. Technical ability surrounded by warmth. And because you can call ahead to Lexus for a reservation (though walk-ins through Key Coffee are of course welcome), you should be able to head right to Lexus. Which is, in Mitsukoshi, pretty much what we do anyway.