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Lynk & Co poised to click with Pinoy youth

Lynk & Co poised to click with Pinoy youth

Tessa R. Salazar

How would you like a “mestizo” of an auto brand? Popular mixed-race personalities are certainly a thing these days. Think of beauty pageant winners and world-class artists, bemedalled athletes and iconic screen actors. Now, you just have to transfer that magic and mystique of inter-nationalism into cars.

You wouldn’t have to stretch your imagination, though. Volvo Car Group of Sweden and the Geely Auto Group of China have produced such a “mestizo,” and it goes by the name of Lynk & Co.

But more than being born with the industrial DNA of two nations, Lynk & Co was raised to blend in with the new generation. The nature and nurture of Lynk & Co comes in especially handy among the younger set of Filipino motorists, who have been witness to a flurry of new automotive brands entering the market.

Lynk & Co’s official Philippine distributor United Asia Automotive Group Inc (UAAGI) announced at the start of 2024 that the arrival of Lynk & Co Philippines would “reinvigorate the local car market, offering the Filipino motoring public a premium lineup of automobiles with a unique blend of European design, innovative technology, and advanced safety systems.”

The UAAGI team said that Lynk & Co benefits from the strengths of both automotive powerhouses Volvo and Geely. Most notably, Lynk & Co vehicles are designed and built using advanced architectural platforms such as Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), Sustainable Electric Architecture (SEA), and B-segment Modular Architecture (BMA). These platforms allow for model scalability and adaptability in light of new energy solutions, such that Lynk & Co’s designs would be able to accommodate new electric vehicle technologies.

UAAGI, which has almost two decades of experience in automotive brand guardianship and distribution, announced early on this year that it would become the official Philippine distributor of global auto brand Lynk & Co. This was soon followed by the brand’s local debut as Lynk & Co Philippines at the 2024 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) at the World Trade Center in Pasay City last April 4.

At the June 20 inauguration of Lynk & Co Philippines’ first dealership, Lyn Manalansang Buena, UAAGI chief marketing executive and Lynk & Co senior vice president, explained that Lynk & Co “is born of a powerhouse collaboration between Volvo Cars and Geely Auto, where European design, technology, and safety are enhanced by Geely’s manufacturing prowess. And this is topped off by a Filipino brand of thoughtful and premium customer service by UAAGI.”

Lynk & Co espousing interconnectedness and collaboration is something that the younger generation of Filipino motorists can relate to. “The brand echoes the sentiment of today’s highly engaged generation to remain linked and connected with people of similar values and beliefs, through its lineup of expertly crafted vehicles. The arrival of Lynk & Co Philippines is set to reinvigorate the local car market, offering the Filipino motoring public a premium lineup of automobiles with a unique blend of European design, innovative technology, and advanced safety systems,” Buena said.

In order for the brand to connect with the youth, the latter have to find themselves trying out the cars first. “The first step is to have Filipinos actually try and test drive any of these new, global, premium Lynk & Co vehicles to experience the safety, luxury, and technology of our cars. Lynk & Co will appeal to individuals who appreciate technology, modern design, safety, and overall distinction,” Buena stressed.

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She observed that, so far, “the reception toward Lynk & Co has been very encouraging. We will be present in other areas to serve the growing demand for new, premium, and global vehicles in more locations.”

Earlier this year, Froilan Dytianquin, UAAGI group managing director and Lynk & Co Philippines brand head shared: “We introduce Lynk & Co Philippines to the local market with much excitement and positivity, knowing that this brand affords Filipinos the opportunity to drive home a premium, global vehicle that ticks all the right boxes in terms of design aesthetics, safety, and modern connectivity.”

Rommel Sytin, Chairman of UAAGI, mother company of Lynk&Co in the PH

UAAGI Chairman Rommel L. Sytin also shared his enthusiasm over the group’s newest brand: “Lynk & Co not only elevates UAAGI’s entire auto brand portfolio, but also allows us to cater to a wider audience of Filipino motorists and their discerning tastes and preferences. We believe Lynk & Co Philippines perfectly complements UAAGI’s existing offerings, providing Filipinos with a wider range of modern, stylish, safe, high-quality automotive choices.”

Sytin added that the arrival of Lynk & Co in the Philippines “isn’t just about introducing new cars; it’s about connecting Filipino drivers with a whole new way to experience the road. With its focus on user-centricity, innovative technology, and its intriguing and collaborative brand persona, Lynk & Co is poised to shake up the local car market.”